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Web | UX/UI | Social Media Designer turning ideas into digital realities!

Design : WeBSITE & Mobile app

Website Development and Design

Dive into our case studies below where creative passion meets expertise. As a Web | UX/UI | Social Media designer, I bring your digital space to life. Armed with a firm understanding of programming languages : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, alongside proficiency in content management systems and web development frameworks, I can turn your ideas into stunning digital realities. Let’s shape your story into a compelling narrative that resonates in the online world.


Web Development and Design

Social Media Content Creation and Management

UX/UI : Travel app


A mobile travel application to schedule a behind-the-scenes interactive animal encounter at SeaWorld San Diego.


UX/UI : Store app

Home Inventory

A desktop and mobile personal property organization app, empowers homeowners and renters with peace of mind before the unexpected happens.

Adobe XD  | AppSheet | Photoshop

LimeDoor - Prepare for the unexpected

UX/UI: Ad Council

Food Waste

An Ad Council project to design and mockup various assets for web, mobile app, billboard, and magazine ads.


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