The Boys of Zummer tour rolled into San Diego

Aug 27, 2015

An unlikely assembly of artists, rock band Fall Out Boy and rapper Wiz Khalifa teamed up for an extensive 2015 summer tour covering over 40 dates for the Boys of Zummer Tour. The Boys of Zummer tour rode through Sleep Train Amphitheater in Chula Vista, California on Saturday, August 8, 2015 to rave reviews.

Although co-headlining, Fall Out Boy seem to draw the biggest amount of fans in the audience. Some Fall Out Boy fans were hesitant about the musical coupling at first then later changed their stance by the end of the night. Fans became interested in hearing more from rapper, Wiz Khalifa.

DJ Drama kicked off the night with a little warm-up music before introducing Wiz Khalifa to the stage. The self-proclaimed King of Weed started the night with an introduction video on the huge TV screens blocking the stage. The video showed Khalifa on a bed in a brightly lit house smoking while scantily clad women were on the bed behind him. The video seem to depict a Day in the life of Wiz Khalifa. As the video came to an end stage lights from behind the screens blinded the audience as the screens lifted away to start the show.

At the beginning of the night, Wiz Khalifa showed off his new electronic skateboard gadget by rolling around on a PhunkeeDuck personal transportation unit around on stage. The Phunkeeduck seems to be a mix between a Skateboard and Segway without the handlebar, it has often been mislabeled in the news as a skateboard or hoverboard.

At one point in the night Khalifa proclaimed he was the King of Weed then threw two giant inflatable joints out into the audience while performing his song “Young, Wild & Free”. As an encore, Khalifa jumped off the stage heading to the second tier section to perform a few songs, before returning to the stage to perform his last song, “See you again” which pays tribute to the late Paul Walker.

The stage was cleared and the screen lowered again awaiting Fall Out Boy to close the show. DJ Drama again performed a quick interlude while bringing out, MAX, an up-and-coming artist performing his song Gibberish.The lights went out again as DJ Drama and his new artist left the stage, “Boys of Zummer tour 2015” flashed a crossed the huge screens and the crowd roared in excitement for Fall Out Boy to take the stage.. Fall Out Boy flashed across the screen as it slowly lifted, the stage lights brought the show to life. The back lit stage set the mood for the night as the pyro lit up the already jumping crowd. The Chicago base band played many of their hits including, Centuries, Dance Dance, Young Volcanoes, Immortals, and Alone Together.

Although it was an odd coupling of artists and fans merged into one show. Over all it was a great show and with a good turnout.


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